Workplace Safety and Employee Security

At GUC, individual employee safety is a priority and we have implemented a number workplace measures to insure employee security. We have installed access card readers in all facilities and have placed 24-hour security guards at the entrance, exits and in the parking lot. We have also installed a number of, emergency buttons throughout our facilities, including in all women's restrooms. In addition, all of our electromechanical devices and fire extinguishing equipment are constantly maintained and is in compliance with all applicable governmental regulations. The company also carries the requisite public liability insurance to safeguard our employees’ rights in the workplace. GUC's proactively promotes workplace safety and security through periodic fire drills and works to increase employees' ability to react to any unforeseen incident and enhance overall health awareness through free annual health check-ups.

As a result of these policies and our constant focus on work place safety and employee security, GUC has received a Friendly Workplace Award from the Bureau of Health Promotion, Council of Labor Affairs and Employees’ Health Management.


Employees’ Benefits

GUC supports and awards our employees through a robust benefits program that includes amenities such as holiday coupons, entertainment events, family days, vacation subsidies, birthday parties, along with more standard employee insurance programs that cover health examination, labor insurance, health insurance and, specific occurrences subsidies.


Employees’ Retirement Plan

The Labor Pension Act protects workers' incomes following retirement, strengthens the relations between workers and employers, and promotes social and economic developments. The Act mandates two separate systems whose application is dependent upon the time that individuals started their employment. Under old system, employees needed to send reserve funds to The Supervisory Committee of Workers’ Retirement Fund. This committee deposited the funds into the Bank of Taiwan, a national bank responsible for the fiduciary management of the funds. Under the new system, the company must deposit a more than 6% labor pension payment into the employees’ accounts for a retirement pension under Bureau of Labor Insurance.

For more information, please refer to the Labor Pension Act from Bureau of Labor Insurance.